Locally Sourced Traditionally Handcrafted Tallow Balms, Soaps & Candles.

Handcrafted in our quaint hometown of Rigaud, Quebec. Each product is a labor of love, reflecting our commitment to traditional handcrafting techniques.

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Skincare Can Be Simple

Our journey began with a homemade tallow blend, crafted to soothe our son’s eczema. The results were remarkable, offering gentle relief that inspired us to share it with friends and family. Their enthusiastic feedback was the spark that ignited our passion.

Tallow, with its rich history in both skincare and household use, had been overlooked in recent times, largely due to the complexities of incorporating it into large-scale, low-cost cosmetic production. As a passionate husband and wife team, we're committed to reviving this venerable tradition, offering a high-quality tallow skincare range for those seeking a natural alternative to conventional, chemical-based products.

Discover the purity and effectiveness of our meticulously crafted balms, soaps, and candles. Each product embodies our dedication to natural, wholesome skincare. We invite you to explore our collection and experience the transformative power of tallow. Embrace a touch of tradition in your skincare routine with The Tallow Company.

Our Most Popular Products

  • Traditionally Handcrafted

    Expertly handcrafted with love and care, our products embody the art of traditional skincare methods.

  • Ethical Sourcing

    Committed to ethical sourcing and sustainable practices, our products are a testament to responsible craftsmanship.

  • For All Skin Types

    Versatile and nourishing for every skin type, our products offer personalized care for your unique skin needs.

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